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Glassworks touring exhibition: European glass lives on in craft, art and industry as this exhibition views European glassworking regions and their cross-border relations, and presents contemporary art and designer objects by young glassworkers. The exhibition concentrates on five traditional glassworking regions, namely the Czech Republic, Alsace-Lorraine, East Bavaria, Denmark (Bornholm and Holmegaard) and Styria. The exhibition views the history of these glassworking regions and maps the interaction between crafts, art, design and industry, and also cross-border relations between individual regions, focusing on current events and regional development. We also follow several various directions in glassworking culture today: applied art in design, craft, industry and technical education (Czech Republic), manufacture of valuable lead crystal (Alsace-Lorraine), the international movement of studio glassworking (East Bavaria), Scandinavian design (Denmark) and production of utility glass using modern technologies (Styria). These regional narratives are complemented by portraits of current and past glassworkers who travelled across borders and interconnect the presented regions with each other, and with others, from a historic aspect. Contemporary glass items, which are early outputs of the international introductory training course within the terms of the EU Glassworks Project, are also exhibited. Ten scholarship students from Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic will attend a training course in Bild-Werk Frauenau (East Bavaria), in North Bohemia, and on the Danish island of Bornholm each year during the period of October to March, in 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22. The goal of the exhibition is not only to acquaint the general public with the history of these glassworking regions, but also to remind people of the continuing glassworking tradition and its current development.

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